World-class residential, commercial & plotted developments


World-class residential, commercial & plotted developments





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At Countryside, we aim to turn every project in to a landmark. As one of Bangalore's fastest growing developers, our canvas extends from residential havens, to cutting edge commercial spaces to vibrant retail hubs, and the earthy vibes of our farm developments that harmonise nature and modern living. We are redefining the way you work, live and interact. Built over a decade of trust & a million sqft, our developments deliver the highest level of design and craftsmanship, uncompromising quality, and unparalleled service. A balance of aesthetics, functionality & sustainability for superior living, productivity & leisure.


At Countryside, we understand how important it is for you to find a property that is the right fit, whether it's the budget, the design & the build quality. That's why every project we undertake, we infuse our heart and soul into it. Since 2014, we have remained a beacon of excellence, completing a remarkable 8 lakh sqft area across 4 residential, 15 commercial, plotted developments. With a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals, Countryside Group has completed 15 commercial and 4 residential projects. Explore our portfolio of spaces, crafted with dedication and passion.



Electronic City, Ph 1, Bangalore

2,20,000 sqft



Rudrapur, Uttrakhand

1,30,000 Sqft



Rudrapur, Uttrakhand

20,000 sqft




Minerva Circle

80,000 Sqft

Pre Launch


Rudrapur, Uttrakhand

20,000 Sqft

Nearing Possession


Kudlu Gate, Hosur Road

3,20,000 Sqft

Pre Launch


Vidyapeetha Circle BSK IIIrd Stage

1,50,000 sqft

Pre Launch


Kormangala 1st Block

30,000 Sqft



Supela circle, NH-06, Bhilai

80,000 Sqft

Pre Launch


Amrapali Society, Raipur

25,000 Sqft




Shoolgiri, Hosur

25 Acres



Sarjapura, Bangalore

11 Acres



We believe in a large-hearted way of life & living. It underscores our thoughts, actions & attitudes such as simplicity, innovation, wellness & the joyful spirit of community that inspire us everyday. At Countryside our ideals are a reflection of a nation whose soul remains firmly in its countryside. You'll find that spirit imbued in everything we do. Ceilings that breathe, windows that welcome the sun & wind, outdoor spaces that mingle, amenities that inspire wellness & joy; and layouts that say, "Make yourself at home". We blend tradition & innovation with your well-being firmly at the centre of it all. It's our way of paying tribute to the spirit of our nation's countryside.


Why Countryside Group?

A Legacy of Excellence

A leading name in real estate, crafting over a million square feet of exceptional living & working spaces. We are known for our commitment to quality, timely execution, and lasting relationships with our clients.

Innovation Driven by Human Needs

We prioritise understanding our customers' aspirations and translate them into reality with a focus on well-being and creating lasting value for both, residents and investors.

Building Vibrant Communities

We design our projects to integrate amenities and spaces that encourage resident interaction and promote a strong sense of community.

Sustainable Practices

We are committed to developing eco-friendly projects that minimise environmental impact while maximising value for our customers for generations to come.

Building Trust

We prioritise transparency and integrity guide every interaction. Our high referral rate is a reflection of the trust we have earned.

Invest in Your Future

We are dedicated to creating enduring real estate assets that appreciate in value over time, ensuring our investors experience significant returns on their investment.

Mr. Atmeek Anand,

Managing Director of
Countryside Ventures

Our Story

The Countryside Group’s illustrious journey in real estate has its roots in the ambition and dreams of our co-founder and MD, Atmeek Anand. His path to real estate development wasn't a straight line beginning with his career as a senior executive at ICICI. It equipped him with valuable acumen in finance, sales, and a keen analytical mind - skills that would later prove instrumental in his real estate endeavours.

While successful in his corporate career, an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to create a lasting impact on society simmered within. His family's business background further fuelled this ambition, leading him to a transformative move into real estate development.

His first project, a commercial building collaboration with his brother in Koramangala, Bangalore, ignited a passion for shaping spaces that enrich lives. This success opening doors to a pivotal partnership with Mr. Gupta in 2014, who is also a Director at Countryside Group. For Atmeek, real estate development became the culmination of his honed skills and desire for creative expression. The ideal platform to envision spaces, work hand-in-hand with architects, and witness the tangible results of his vision & values. Success followed, leading to over 15 commercial ventures and 4 marquee residential projects.

From the get-go, Atmeek differentiated himself by prioritising not just functionality, but also well-being. Ample sunlight, spacious living areas, and thoughtful landscaping became his hallmarks, underlined by the importance of fostering a nurturing environment for children. His design philosophy revolves around timelessness, envisioning spaces that are subdued, minimalist, and rich at the same time, creating value for generations to come.

This commitment to holistic design is evident in his projects like Raindance, Little Earth, Alaknanda & Gangotri,where spaces seamlessly blend contemporary style with a focus on comfort, community & innovation. Other portfolio projects like The Minerva, an iconic business address born from the historic Minerva theatre underline his philosophy. But it is Moksa, his farm community project that really speaks to his soul. The project is a cumulation of his vision of nation building, offering a unique blend of modern living with traditional Indian values, promoting yoga, sustainable practices, and artistic expression rooted in the Indic culture. He believes that it's quintessential to nurture our glorious culture for us to thrive as a nation.

For Atmeek, success is measured not just by numbers, but by the positive impact he creates. He views his achievements as a "loan" requiring repayment, driving his commitment to social responsibility. His leadership style reflects this philosophy, encouraging a culture of collaboration and empowerment, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to contribute to the collective journey.



From ground-breaking architectural design that harmonise tradition with modernity to pioneering construction methodologies that elevate quality and sustainability, innovation is in our DNA. At Countryside, we cultivate a culture where fresh ideas flourish, encouraging our team to explore and bring unique concepts to life. It's this relentless pursuit of innovation that propels us forward, ensuring that each project is a testament to our ability to adapt, evolve, and lead in the dynamic realm of real estate development.

Engineering excellence

The very blueprint of our projects. With a meticulous focus on precision, durability, and innovation, our engineering ethos is about unwavering quality. From the selection of top-tier infrastructure-grade materials to the implementation of cutting-edge construction techniques, every aspect is crafted with a dedication to going beyond industry standards. Our team of seasoned engineers, architects, and project management professionals work synergistically, ensuring that each structure bears the mark of excellence in both form and function.


Our effort is always to create spaces that seamlessly align with the natural fabric of its surroundings. From the conscious preservation of fully grown trees to the introduction of new shade and fruit-bearing companions, our commitment to integrating nature is absolute. Whether it's the retention of natural land contours or the meticulous landscaping that mimics the rhythm of the surroundings, every element is thoughtfully curated. At Countryside Group, we sculpt spaces that resonate with the essence of nature and offer a sanctuary for harmonious living.


Guiding Philosophy

"It all belongs to the Creator" – Atmeek Anand.

Our logo is a guiding light, illuminating our path as we journey towards excellence and service. Coming from a humble small-town beginning, our founder, Atmeek Anand, had a profound realisation that our endeavours are not solely our own but a divine expression of the grace and will of the Divine Mother Shakti.

The logo is a reminder & realization to honour the Divine Mother's will and grace,serving as mediums through which they flow. This realization fills us with devotion, gratitude & humility.

The three independent thoughts behind the logo design

Third Eye of Divine Mother Shakti - Intellect Driven

With the grace of the Divine Mother comes intellect, which is indicated by the Third Eye - the guiding force behind clear, detached, and strong decisions. Just as the eight hands of the Divine Mother work in perfect coordination, our organization's intellect-driven actions are grounded in values and focused on our vision.

The Flame

Like a flame longing to merge with its Creator, our actions are disciplined and filled with love and gratitude. Guided by the Karma Yoga principle of the Bhagwad Gita, we pray that our endeavours are filled with the light that dispels darkness driven by the unwavering passion to connect with the ultimate source of energy and creativity.

A Leaf

LA symbol of simplicity, completeness, and progress, a leaf inspires us to embrace simplicity and care in our conduct. It reminds us that true prosperity lies in our ability to progress while staying grounded in our values.


Building a Better Future

We are the architects of passion, the custodians of tradition, and the catalysts for the growth of our nation.

Our Vision

To enrich the lives of people through thoughtful and sustainable design & development.

Our Mission

To grow sustainably and be among the top 10 developers in Bangalore within the next decade and the Top 3 within the next two decades.

Our Purpose

Our purpose isn't just to build mere structures but craft living stories, where well-being, humility, care, and respect are the foundations.


Raising the bar in Real Estate

World-Class Quality

Our commitment to excellence is built on a foundation of high structural strength, using infrastructure-grade steel and top-notch concrete.


It isn't just a task, it's a pledge for longevity and hygiene.

Top-Notch Talent

From architects to customer service, we only settle for the best. Our projects are a collective effort of minds dedicated to exceeding your expectations.

Bespoke Fittings

Quality matters. Our CP and Sanitary fittings, electrical components, tiles, and more are sourced from the likes of Kohler, Jaguar, L&T – brands known for their durability and design.

Great Design

Low-density projects for ample space and privacy. Gracious ceiling heights bring a sense of freedom. Natural lighting, cross ventilation, and open spaces ensure freshness and tranquility.

Children's Development

Beyond all the contemporary sports & facilities we offer, we also embrace & encourage our rich heritage ensuring our children grow physically fit and socially adaptive.

Geobiology & Vastu Compliance

We don't just build; we create spaces in harmony with the human energy field, blending the principles of Vastu with modern science.


Water conservation, organic waste conversion, tree protection, and eco-friendly construction materials define our commitment to the environment.

Care for Workers

Our responsibility extends to the workers who build your dream home – ensuring fair treatment and compliance with labour laws.

After Sales Service

We go beyond possession – managing your property, assisting with rentals, providing expert interiors, and offering seamless home loan support.


Mr. Atmeek Anand, Managing Director

Atmeek brings over 20 years of experience to Countryside, having begun his career in financial services with ICICI Group. Atmeek's leadership is characterised by strategic thinking, calculated risk management, and decisive action. An MBA, he brings strong financial discipline, a focus on execution, and a commitment to quality which have been key to Countryside's rapid growth.

Atmeek is passionate about exceptional design, emphasising aesthetics, functionality, and durability. His vision and collaborative approach, driven by a commitment to building a better future, have attracted a strong network of stakeholders.

Mr. Shyam Gupta, Executive Director

Shyam is known for his risk taking and execution skills. He has been the instrumental force behind the growth and transformation of the family business into a diversified and professionally organised business conglomerate that it is today with a turnover that exceeds 500 crores per annum spanning across the verticals of infrastructure development and construction, property development, automobile dealerships and education.


Growth born out of trust

Countryside Group has a proven track record of calculated risk-taking and delivering superior returns. Over the years, we have consistently demonstrated our ability to navigate the real estate landscape with precision, leveraging opportunities and creating substantial value for our investors. As a company, we thrive on the ethos of excellence, innovation, and unwavering commitment to our stakeholders. Join us in a strategic partnership of unparalleled growth marked by exceptional returns and sustained value creation.

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Learn, explore, empower

At Countryside Group, each day unfolds with limitless opportunities and continuous learning, defining our dynamic work culture. Our culture promotes experimenting and empowering our people within an entrepreneurial environment. Our ethos revolves around propelling careers on a fast track. We firmly believe in making early investments in talent, paving the way for mutual growth as we stride towards realising our vision to be among the top developers in Bangalore.

Graphic Designer

1 years of experience

Senior Manager

7 years of experience

Senior Sale Person

5 years of experience

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