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Brand Story


countryside : an all embracing way of life

Countryside is more than a word , it carries within itself a powerful story of a nation called Bharat (India) which owes its rich cultural heritage , thought process , value systems and its soul to its villages . A nation which exudes spiritual richness in the smiles of its contented people ; warmth , care and humility in its conduct , valour and composure in the face of adversity ; a nation which is a lighthouse of knowledge in the form its most ancient scriptures known to mankind like the Vedas , Puranas , Srimad Bhagwad Gita , Ramayan, Guru Granth Sahib ; a nation which knew the secrets of universe and the theory of gravity far ahead of any other civilisation , a nation which finds divinity in all forms of Mother Nature and offers prayers to it , a nation whose Ayurvedic doctors had the most advanced surgical equipments and are known to have conducted the first surgery on human body , a nation which gave ‘zero’ to the world of mathematics , a nation which is the birthplace of many religions of this world and a nation which gave the world tallest of the spiritual leaders.

A nation which recognises and respects all faiths of this world as paths to attain enlightenment and finding the Allmighty, a nation which prophesises ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ which means the entire world is a family, a nation which had the worlds largest and earliest university in Nalanda and Takshashila and built the earliest architectural and technological marvels like–the planned communities in Harappa & Mohenjodaro and its innumerable palaces & temples, a nation which is moving towards regaining its rightful place of a ‘Viswaguru’ with a great momentum, a nation which used to contribute 25% to the global GDP centuries ago and well on its way to reclaim that financial position again in the next few decades.

Countryside is the story of our Nation – Our Bharat. A nation which is home to the most ancient civilisation in this world, has always been built in its villages till today and will continue to be so over the ages. Our greatest leaders across all fields – academics, military, business, medicine, science, religion, political, architecture, arts, music and dance are mostly from our villages. We all have our roots in the ‘Countryside’ of Bharat. Therefore, Countryside is your story, it is my story, it is our story– We who together make ‘The Unstoppable Bharat’ of today.

The Unstoppable Bharat that is filled with pride, humility and self belief, which is making strong and swift strides across all the fields of life and well on its way to claim its rightful place as a financial & military powerhouse and a thought leader to whom the rest of the world looks upto as a guiding light towards peace in times of turbulence.

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