Our Logo

Our Logo


"It all belongs to the Creator" – Atmeek Anand

The fact stated in the above phrase is the biggest realisation I have had over the times , the logo has been designed to remind Me and all my team mates about the same every moment. As a person with a humble small town beginning , I firmly believe that the energy which drives all the endeavours and actions of mine and their outcomes is a result of “Divine Mother Shakti’s” grace and inspiration. We are not the doers , rather mediums through which The Mother expresses her loving will. We are humbled and sincerely grateful on being chosen as a medium. I constantly pray to The Divine Mother to bless Me and My Team with enough devotion, gratitude and humility so that We are always eligible to serve as one of the many mediums of expressing her loving will. Our logo is a symbolic expression of the same prayer.

Discover the three inspirations behind design of our logo

‘Third Eye of Divine Mother Shakti - Intellect Driven’

Third Eye is the Intellect which governs the intelligence in a human being and helps in making rightful and strong decisions . It develops with the grace of Divine Mother when a person is filled with faith and devotion . With Intellect comes purity of thought , humility , awareness , concentration and persistence. Actions driven by Intellect are clear, detached and strong. Organised efforts , Team work and constant Focus on our Vision will be a outcome of the Intellect driven actions of our organisation , just like 8 hands of The Divine Mother working in perfect co-ordination with each other with a single goal – to protect her children. Our developed Intellect will drive our growth and keep us grounded in our values .


‘The Flame’

The Flame which is a form of energy constantly moves in the upward direction longing to merge with its Creator – The Ultimate source of all Energy , Creativity and The One who has created our entire Existence . A flame is in unconditional love with its Creator. A flame glowing out of a lamp is disciplined and dispels darkness with its light. As a business house our actions will be disciplined and filled with love and gratitude like – The Flame.

‘A Leaf’

A Leaf is a symbol of simplicity, completeness , peace , prosperity and progress. It inspires us to be simple , caring and progressive in our conduct.

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