Why Countryside

World-class quality

High Structural Strength and Double structural life: Comes from the usage of infrastructure grade primary structural steel from reputed manufacturers like SAIL, RINL, Jindal, TATA, or Goel and Higher grade of concrete from reputed manufacturers like ACC and AVS.

Waterproofing: The countryside pays great attention to waterproofing which is vital for structural longevity and maintenance of hygiene.

Top-Notch Minds and Hands: Our entire panel of architects, structural engineers, landscape designers, lighting designers, interior designers, project management teams, contractors, marketing, and customer service teams are selected with one primary criterion – are the best in what they do?

Top-notch fittings: All our CP and Sanitary fittings, Electrical fittings, fixtures and wires, Tiles and marbles, Paints, Doors and Windows, Lifts, etc are selected with a great deal of attention to their build quality, design and finishing invariably from the most reputed names like Kohler, Jaguar, L&T, Schindler, Finolex, etc.

Great Design

Community Building: We pay a great deal of attention to community building in all our buildings by consciously making sure people cross each other at several places where they get landscaped nooks, sit-out spaces, and areas to play, socialize and spend a while together comfortably. Over a lifetime it turns buildings into vibrant communities and houses into homes in those habitats.

Low Density: We keep our projects low in density which is a lesser number of people per square yard. It is more space and privacy for you apart from the high undivided share of land that comes per square feet of built-up area delivered by us.

Gracious Ceiling Heights – A sense of additional space and freedom of mind comes from the finished floor-to-ceiling heights of our buildings – 10 feet minimum.

Natural Lighting, Cross ventilation, and Open Spaces: Apartments planned with twin windows in every room, structurally designed to be open on all four sides which helps in ample natural light and cross ventilation. Expect most of our properties to have over 70% open areas enabling good landscaping, freshness, and free flow of air. Our maintenance team will find you smiling during your morning and evening walks.

Children’s Play and Development Areas: We plan them consciously keeping in mind to select the games and activities which make our kids physically fit and socially adaptive team players and bring them out of the confines of the digital world. Alongside contemporary sports, good old sports of our country like Kabaddi and kho kho ( to name a few ) are also brought in so that the games and our rich heritage continue to live in the minds and hearts of the nation builders of tomorrow.

Geobiology and Traditional Building Science compliant buildings

Geobiology is a new era of science that looks at the earth as a living organism and studies the vibrations of each and every object surrounding the human body. All living and nonliving entities are vibrating at a certain frequency(proven in quantum physics). Each organ in our body is resonating with a particular wavelength and interacts with nearby objects. A place is considered to be healthy when the surrounding space vibrates in harmony with the human energy field.

This science deals with the human energy field with micro and macro connectivity. It not only deals with the physical aspects of a space but also the emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects. Architecture has taught us to see a building with its aesthetic form and colors. Geobiology talks about the subtle vibrations and ultrasound frequencies that emanate from these forms keeping the Mind, Body, and Space healthy.

Traditional building sciences were formulated to control the detrimental radiations emanating from Nature through its lifestyle and spiritual practices. Modern science has technological remedies to deal with all new age pollutants like – electromagnetic smog emanating into the cosmos from gadgets and every other activity which exploits Mother earth like quarrying, borewells, underground tunnels, nuclear activities, etc.

Environmentally Conscious

Water Conservation: Use of best in class technology in integrated water conservation systems of Rainwater harvesting, STP, Water treatment plants, Water meters, are standard in all our developments.

Organic waste converters: Convert wet waste to manure for usage in landscaping and reduce discharge.

Tree Protection, Landscaping, and More Nature: We make all efforts to protect existing fully grown trees and plant new shade & fruit-bearing trees in all our projects apart from the well-thought-out and curated landscaping which comes as standard. The natural flow of the land is almost always retained, be it a rock trail or a water body. Nature is always respected.

Proper disposal and management of construction waste: We ensure that waste generation and its disposal are regulated in the most responsible manner.

Use of environment-friendly construction materials: A standard practice in all our constructions

Care for the workers 

You can move into your new home with the comforting assurance that the lesser privileged workers who toiled hard to build your dream home were well cared for during its construction. We only engage contractors and vendors who comply with all labor laws and follow good practices when it comes to labor welfare.

After Sales Service

Excellent property management: Your property will be managed by us to ensure that it retains its quality and value over a long period of time.

Rental Assistance: If you wish to rent your unit within 12 months of possession.

Interiors: Our expert interior designers and execution engineers will ensure that the process of doing the interiors for your new home is a hassle-free experience for you

Home Loan Support:

On-time loans at attractive rates from top banks and institutions that are home loan partners

Regular Construction Updates:

Constant updates of construction progress through photographs and videos.

Possession only with OC:

We will obtain the OC before possession of your property is given to you.

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